Through our affiliated law firms and our ‘of-counsel,’ we also handle claims where a Florida, and not a Federal, EMPLOYEE has been injured on the job – in Florida, these are called worker’s compensation/workman’s compensation claims. To prove such a claim, there must be some element of Physical Injury/Physical Impact/Physical Trauma, not simply on the job stress or emotional injury. A claimant/employee has the burden of proving that they were an employee at the time of injury/loss/impact, and that they were paid ‘on the books.’ Typically, employers with 4 or more full time employees are required to maintain Worker’s Compensation coverage in Florida. Workman’s Compensation coverage/claims are primary when a Florida Worker is injured on-the-job and is often administrative. Because of the complexity of this area of law, it is recommended that an injured Florida Employee obtain experienced worker’s compensation counsel.

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