Despite the City’s wholesome motto, “Unique Hometown, Family Atmosphere, Family Environment“, there is still a need for personal injury lawyers in Wellington, FL. Yes, accidents happen, and not all injuries give you grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, if you have been injured or harmed because of another person’s negligence or wrongful actions, then an experienced attorney should review your situation. They will recommend whether you should consider pursuing a personal injury case or not. 

Personal Injury Compensation Claims 

According to the law in Florida, personal injury is defined as when your body, mind, or emotions are injured because of the negligence, inattention, or wrongful conduct of another person. Examples of some of the personal injury cases we have won include: 

  • Premise liabilities and slip and fall incidents 

  • Negligent security accidents 

  • Automobile and motorcycle collisions 

  • Workmen’s compensation cases 

  • Medical malpractice 

  • Nursing home neglect 

  • Mesothelioma from asbestos exposure 

  • Wrongful death, and more. 

Should your personal injury lawyer decide that your case meets the legal definition of personal injury, there are various damages that you may be entitled to claim for: 

  • Medical expenses 

  • Lost wages or income 

  • Loss of your ability to earn a living 

  • Pain and suffering, mental anguish, and psychological damage 

  • Losses for permanent scarring and disfigurement 

  • Loss of consortium (companionship) if the accident killed your partner or ended the relationship 

  • Punitive damages to punish and make an example of particularly inexcusable defendants 

Your personal injury attorneys in Wellington, FL. will analyze the facts and calculate a range of values appropriate for a reasonable settlement. 

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Before you can sue a person, business, or public entity, you need to: 

  • Prove that the defendant was negligent. This starts with showing that they had a legal obligation to protect you from harm.  

  • Next, you must show that they breached this duty of care by failing to anticipate and forestall hazards that would be clear to a reasonable person in the same circumstances.  

  • Then you must demonstrate that the defendant’s breach directly or proximately caused the accident that resulted in your injuries. 

  • Finally, you need to show damages by documenting your injuries (physical, psychological, or monetary loss) and quantifying the monetary amount needed to compensate you for the loss you have suffered as a result of the accident. 

A personal injury attorney will evaluate your case and counsel you throughout the process as the steps above are more complex than they may seem – particularly if you are still healing. A firm such as Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A. has decades of experience, exceptional investigative skills, and resourceful methods to secure the witnesses and documentation required to establish and prosecute your case. 

What’s more, plaintiffs with attorney representation receive an average of 3.5 times higher settlements than those without and 85% of all insurance companies’ pay-outs for personal injury claims are paid to parties represented by a lawyer. 

Personal Injury Attorneys | Wellington, FL

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