There are several reasons why you should consult a motorcycle accident lawyer if you are a biker. Read on to become more familiar with all the “fine print” before you need the services of a motorcycle accident law firm.

Florida’s Law Statutes

First things first: To reduce the number of accident lawsuits, some states – including Florida – are no-fault states. As such, motor vehicles must carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage to pay for your damages in case of a collision – no matter who was at fault.

Note, though, that the 2019 Florida Statute 627.736 is worded to apply to all four-wheeled motor vehicles. In other words, these laws do not apply to motorcycles or other self-propelled forms of transportation. In fact, motorcyclists are not even allowed to carry PIP coverage.

Additionally, so long as you maintain the most minimal health insurance and are an adult, there is no requirement in the State of Florida for the wearing of a helmet, unless your motorcycle is not insured, and you do not have bodily injury coverage. Bear in mind that helmets provide an added layer of protection against catastrophic injuries such as head trauma, traumatic brain injuries, concussion, hematoma, or brain bleeds, etc. In motor vehicle collisions involving a motorcycle, the motorcyclist can often be ejected from the bike and thereafter sustain serious injuries including but not limited to brain damage and even death

For the reasons above, we always recommend that our clients who drive motorcycles wear helmets and purchase and maintain good health insurance, Medical Payment (MedPay) coverage, and Underinsured or Uninsured (UM) coverage if you can purchase such for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

As an uninsured motorcyclist injured in a road accident, you may struggle to pay for exorbitant medical bills, particularly if the injury has prevented you from working or your health insurance has a stipulation excluding coverage for dangerous activities such as riding a motorcycle, ATV, and the like.

In such cases, you should seek out a motorcycle injury attorney to review the options available for pursuing compensation for medical bills and other losses by filing a lawsuit against the negligent parties.

As an example of the type of motorcycle injury cases we handle, you might be interested in reviewing this motorcycle accident lawsuit we settled for a client: Motorcycle Accident Settled for $375,000.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A. have the knowledge about local and state traffic laws and experience from past cases to help you claim damages from the at-fault party. As the plaintiff, your legal team must prove that your injuries resulted from the other party’s negligence:

  • Gather police reports
  • Put together witness statements
  • Photograph the accident scene
  • Investigate the motorist’s driving history
  • Simulate the accident
  • Examine medical records
  • Enlist experts
  • Communicate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Don’t delay! Contact an expert motorcycle accident lawyer at Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A. for more information.