A negligent security lawyer can help you seek compensation from Florida property owners if you were the victim of a crime on their property.

Negligent security cases stem from harm and damages incurred when a property owner does not implement reasonable security measures or safeguards to prevent possible assaults, robberies, theft, or property damage by a third party. As such, it applies to property that is publicly or privately owned, although the latter is often harder to prove.

Examples of Negligent Security

Close to the last three decades, the negligent security attorneys at Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A. have represented people who have been carjacked, burgled, assaulted, or even raped due to zero or inadequate security on a premises or surrounding property (for example, a parking lot, lobby, or other public area under the control of the property owner)

Further, inadequate security or inadequate lighting often leads to higher crime statistics and resultant personal injury.

Falling under Florida premises liability law, pivotal in a negligent security lawsuit is foreseeability. In other words, the defendant could reasonably anticipate criminal activity like what you went through.

It is clear, then, that what is regarded as essential security for one business is not necessarily the same as for another, for example, a nightclub compared to a small store. This adds to the complexity of negligent security settlements.

Why You Need a Negligent Security Attorney

Bearing the above in mind, hiring a knowledgeable legal firm ensures that you are supported throughout all aspects of filing a lawsuit. This levels the playing fields when dealing with big corporates and insurance companies, and allows you to focus your energy on healing from the trauma.

  • Experienced negligent security attorneys will:
  • Help determine who the defendants in your claim are. Often there are several liable parties, such as the property owner, lessee, or a security company.
  • Show that the respondent was duty bound to keep the premises safe for those who entered it and that they breached the duty by failing to install adequate security for foreseeable crime. For example, experts and even your lawyer may be able to obtain crime grid statistics that show the frequency of such adverse events within a proximity of the premises, or even prior bad acts on the premises.
  • Note that you were on the property lawfully
  • Prove that you suffered harm directly related to the breach of duty.
  • Calculate present damages and estimate future expenses originating from your negligent security event.
  • Effectively negotiate with the defendant and insurance companies on your behalf. If an out-of-court settlement is unsatisfactory, they will fight for your rights in court.

If a property owner neglected the security of their premises and their carelessness caused you damages as a victim of crime, 
contact a focused negligent security lawyer at Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A. without delay.