Convenient and affordable, ridesharing has become increasingly popular with the population of Florida, and the rest of the United States. But if you are in an accident involving a ride-hailing company, contact a Lyft / Uber accident lawyer. 

Liability in Uber or Lyft Accidents 

According to Statista, 36 % of American adults use ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft. Part of the gig economy, peer-to-peer ridesharing businesses, or transportation network companies (TNC) use freelance drivers with their own vehicles to offer driver-for-hire services to the public. 

When it comes to liability and eligibility for insurance coverage, rideshare accidents are particularly complex. Do you seek compensation from the driver of the rideshare vehicle, the rideshare company’s insurance, another driver’s auto insurance, the mechanic, or even the car manufacturer? 

Uber / Lyft Legislation in Florida 

The Uber and Lyft accident lawyers at Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A. welcomed the 2017 signing of the HB 221 (Uber/Lyft Bill). The legislation requires that all TNCs operating in Florida: 

  • Carry out background checks on all potential drivers 
  • Investigate the driving history and accident reports for all drivers 
  • Adopt a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and/or drug use 
  • Ensure that their rideshare drivers have appropriate liability insurance minimums: 
    • $25,000 for property damage 
    • $50,000 for bodily injury and death (per person) 
    • $100,000 for bodily injury and death (per accident) 

While these requirements help to protect you from reckless rideshare drivers, vehicular accidents can occur with even the most responsible driver. But why should you, as a passenger, suffer when you have trusted a recognized business with your safe passage? 

Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyers

As mentioned earlier, there are various entities associated with ridesharing – from the driver, the TNC, and any third-party motorist to their respective insurance companies. As an Uber car accident attorney will attest, all these parties will be pointing fingers at each other – and even you – in an attempt to avoid paying your compensable injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages. 

Do not let them deny their legal responsibilities. By hiring a Lyft accident attorney, you put yourself in a better position to obtain the compensation you deserve. On average, being represented by a Lyft injury attorney results in settlements 3.5 times higher than going it alone. Furthermore, 85% of all accident-related personal injury claims paid by insurance companies go to plaintiffs who have strong legal representation. 

A skilled Uber accident attorney will assess your case and explore all sources of compensation. Based on the nature of your case, they will determine your coverage rights and calculate what your Uber accident claim is worth. 

While you focus on healing, your Uber injury lawyer will navigate the complex legal process of securing fair financial compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Schedule a consultation with one of Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A.’s Lyft / Uber accident lawyers to discuss your claim.