A drunk driving injury lawyer is essential in helping victims and their families to pursue the maximum compensation after an accident.

When someone is injured due to another driver who causes a collision while intoxicated, driving under the influence, taking drugs, legal or illegal, alcohol, etc. often, it often can be easier to prove liability, especially if indicated on a Florida Traffic Crash Report. Often, insurance companies are less likely to vigorously defend their insured if they know that he/she was DUI. These claims also can result in having greater damages, both civilly and potentially even involve victim restitution if there is criminal prosecution.

Why You Need A Drunk Driving Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident in which another driver was at fault – and that driver was under the influence – you have a right to seek compensation and restitution (via the criminal court), and the law should be on your side. Hiring a DUI lawyer can of great benefit to you and you should consult one as soon as you have received medical attention. The benefits of working with a DUI injury lawyer are as follows:

Helping You Claim The Compensation You Deserve

DUI accidents often lead to serious injuries and even death. A DUI accident lawyer can help you to hold the at-fault party accountable and compensate for your pain and suffering, as well as any damage to property. You can get compensation for medical costs, lost income, as well as the costs of therapy and rehabilitative care. You may also get punitive damages in egregious circumstances.

Alleviate Your Financial Burden

Victims of DUI accidents often don’t pursue legal action against the responsible party because they are afraid of the legal costs. However, most DUI injury lawyers work on a contingency basis and generally don’t take payment until the case is successfully concluded. You can go after the justice you deserve without having to worry about upfront costs. In essence, your attorney is your partner.

Take The Case To Trial

In some cases, the at-fault driver’s insurance company may not be willing to agree to the settlement you deserve. Your legal team can then help take the case to court and prepare a strategy that will convince a judge to rule in your favor and hold the liable party responsible.

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