Peter Dyson of CounselPersonal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys

Peter Dyson (of COUNSEL to Sokoloff & Weinstein) is the managing partner of Dyson Law PLLC. Peter runs the day-to-day operations of the firm as well as actively litigates on behalf of clients.

A native New Yorker, Peter moved to Florida in 2004 after receiving a full-tuition scholarship to attend law school at Nova Southeastern University. To help his clients, Peter combines the newest technology with the old-fashioned work ethic. He leaves no stone unturned when working for the best outcome for his clients. Employing the latest technology frees his time to focus and dive into the details of your case.

Peter has handled hundreds of negligence cases, whether they are from automobile crashes, slip and falls, trip and falls, or assault. Peter is well known by the Defense bar as meticulous, well prepared, and never giving an inch when he thinks he is right.

Peter lives to help people–real people–not insurance companies. Insurance companies are happy to take your money in the form of premiums but do not want to pay their fair share when it is time for a claim.

Insurance companies know that you are at your most vulnerable point after you are hurt, need medical care, are disabled, or lose a loved one. Insurance companies and Defendants set up roadblock after roadblock to dissuade you from getting your just benefits.

Peter loves to knock down those roadblocks. With the knowledge of law and passion for justice, Peter advocates vigorously for his clients. He prevents insurance companies and Defendants from taking advantage of his clients when they are most vulnerable.

Sometimes, the elderly are taken advantage of by the aides that care for them or even family members. Being taken advantage of ranges from outright theft to being disguised as “gifts.” Often this happens because this family member or aide pressures your loved one using undue influence. Sometimes your loved one lacks the capacity to know what is happening, and someone takes advantage of them. Through probate litigation, Peter fights to reclaim the stolen property.

In his spare time, Peter loves practicing martial arts, traveling, and spending time with his family.