workers compensation


These types of cases, while very common in Florida, are very difficult to prove as Florida case law over the last decade or so has shifted the burden of proof to the injured person, the plaintiff rather than the homeowner, property owner, business owner, etc. Therefore, it is critical to have demonstrative evidence such as photos, videos, incident report, witness statements documenting the specific causation of injury…how did it happen? It is not simply enough to say that an injured person tripped/slipped/fell at another person’s business, home, property, etc. Every element must be proven, and a skilled attorney can help in that regard. Please do not discard your clothing or any other potential evidence including footwear involved in a trip/slip and fall.

Had an accident? Use our Slip and Fall Accident Form to help gather all of the necessary information for you to both report the accident and possibly file a future claim.

Here is an example of a case we settled for an injured client: Trip and Fall Case