Attorney Backgrounds

Combined Curriculum Vitae


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Elliot J. Sokoloff, Esquire:

University of Miami School of Law, Juris Doctor (1993)

Cornell University,

   B. Sci.-Applied Economics & Business Management,

Concentration in Marketing & Management, Minor in Social Relations-Sciences (1989)

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Seth T.  Weinstein, Esquire:

University of Miami School of Law, Juris Doctor (1993)

Brandeis University,

B.A.-Cum Laude in History & American Studies (1990)

Statue of Lady JusticeLicensure

The Florida Bar: Supreme Court of the State of Florida (1993)

U.S. District Court of the Middle District of Florida (1994)

U.S. District Court of the So. District of Florida (1994)

The Bar of The Dist. of Columbia Ct. of Appeals (Sokoloff-1996)

Admitted to Practice before the New York Bar (Sokoloff-1999)

(Bar of the New York Court of Appeals)

Notary Public in and for the State of Florida at Large (1993-present)


American Bar Association (ABA)

Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)

(Weinstein 2001-2008)

(Sokoloff 2001-2004)

Association of Florida Trial Lawyers-AFTL-Florida Justice Association (Sokoloff 2004-2008)

University of Miami School of Law Alumni Association

Cornell University Alumni Association (Sokoloff)

Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity (Sokoloff)

Brandeis University Alumni Association (Weinstein)

THE FLORIDA BAR: Members in Good Standing

Business Network International (BNI) Synergy Chapter (Weinstein 2004-present)

Leadership Positions Held-Current Education Coordinator

(2010-2011 & 2013-2014)

Business Network International (BNI) Power Partners Chapter

(Sokoloff 2005-2009 & 2011-present)

Leadership Positions Held-Education Coordinator & Membership Committee

Notable Networker Award

Business Network International (BNI) Sky High Chapter (Sokoloff 2009-2011)

Notable Networker Award

LeTip International-Royal Palm Beach Chapter (Sokoloff 2002-2004)

Network Professional International (NPI)-Wellington Chapter (Sokoloff 2004-2005)


Adjunct Professor of Real Estate Transactions and Closings at Broward College

Coconut Creek Campus (Weinstein—1999-2004);

Adjunct Professor of Family Law at Broward College – (Weinstein – 2000)

Of Counsel Relationship-Law Offices of Stanley V. Buky, Esq.-P.I. Litigation

(2000-2014)—In Memorium 2014.

Of Counsel Relationship-Brian F. LaBovick, Esq.-P.I. Litigation (2014 to present)

Of Counsel Relationship-Law Offices of David M. Cohen, P.A.-Worker’s Compensation-                                                                                                                                     Dade/Broward Counties (1996 to present)

Affiliated Relationship-Local ‘AV’ Rated Worker’s Compensation Palm Beach County (2010 to present)

Community Service

Summer Legal Internship through Nova Southeastern University and Boston University—Have allowed law students the opportunity to further practical education through summer legal internships with our firm.

Participants of Business Cooperative Education Training Plan through School Board of Palm Beach County/Wellington High School and Royal Palm Beach High School: Permitting high school students to further practical education in law office setting.

Members of Jewish Community Ctr. (JCC)/Havurah Group 1996-1998

Royal Palm Beach Rotary Club Member 1996-2004 – Treasurer 1996-1998 (Weinstein)

Pro Bono Program of the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County

Contributing Writers: The Observer:  serving Western Communities of Palm Beach County (1994-1999)

Palms West Chamber of Commerce (1993-2008)

Member of Temple Beth Torah- Wellington (2007- 2015/Sokoloff)

Member of Temple Brotherhood (2013-2014)

High Holiday Usher/Security (2012-2014)

Member of Temple Beth Tikvah-Lake Worth (2015-present/Sokoloff)

Member of Temple Beth Shalom – Vero Beach (2007 – 2012/Weinstein)

Hebrew School Teacher-6th Grade (2011-2012)

Member of Temple Beit HaYam – Stuart (2012-Present/Weinstein)

Hebrew School & Religious School Teacher: 7th Grade (2014-2016), 8th Grade (2012-2013), 4th Grade (2013-2016)

Honors, Awards & Charities

Southern Poverty Law Center-Certificate of Appreciation-

Appearing on the Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama

The Autism Society of America of The Palm Beaches-Certificate of Appreciation

BNI Notable Networker Awards-BNI Power Partner Chapter

(Sokoloff & Weinstein 2005-2013)

Royal Palm Beach High School-Marching Wildcats Band Supporter

El Directorio Hispano-Certificate of Recognition for advancement of the

Hispanic Community.

Semanario Accion-Hispanic Community Newspaper Serving South Florida-

Certificate of Recognition for advancement of the Hispanic Community.

Wellington Youth Baseball-Sponsor

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Reports-A Nat’l TV News Syndication—Feature Interview

Dean’s List for Academic Excellence Brandeis University (Weinstein)

The National Dean’s List (Sokoloff)

The National Honor Society (Weinstein)

Scholastic All-American-United States Achievement Academy (Sokoloff)

Cum Laude Society (Sokoloff)

New York State Regents Scholar (1985-Sokoloff)

Mariani Prize in Entrepreneurship Cornell University-Johnson Graduate School of Management – (Sokoloff)

Tulane International Legal Studies Program-1990

Cambridge University and Cité Universite de Paris (Sokoloff)

Who’s Who in American Law: “Attorneys who are listed are recommended by Marquis researchers and members of the Board of Advisors who nominate individuals in their own geographic regions or fields of practice for inclusion. The publication does not undertake to rate all Florida attorneys.”

Course Certification Continuing Legal Education

“Automate and Simplify Your Law Practice” (Weinstein) 2018

“How to Optimize Your Billing & Collections” (Weinstein) 2018

“How to Manage Your Email Using Technology” (Weinstein) 2018

“The Essential Startup Firm Guide” (Weinstein) 2018

“How Lawyers Can Easily Offer Alternative Fee” (Weinstein) 2018

“The Secrets to a Happy, Successful Legal Career” (Weinstein) 2018

“The Ethics and Mechanics of Online Reviews” (Weinstein) 2018

“Work-Life Balance with Yoga: A Seminar for Lawyers” (Weinstein) 2018

“The Flexible Law Firm” (Weinstein) 2018

“All Rise! A Practical Guide to Lawyer Hope, Health” (Weinstein) 2018

“Effective Telephone Negotiations: Before During” (Sokoloff) 2017

“Mindfulness and the Practice of Law” (Sokoloff) 2017

“Lawyers & Lies” 2017

“Leaving Firms and Taking Clients” (Sokoloff) 2017

“Common Spinal Pathologies & Surgical Treatment” 2017

“Florida Bar Disciplinary Process: Your Ethics” 2016

“Current Issues in Retirement Planning” 2016

“Planning & Executing the Mediation of Complex” 2016

“You Tube and Your Firm: Understanding it’s Effect” 2016

“2016 FL Residency-How You Know You Have It” 2016

“Arbitration Backlash” 2016

“Working on the Web: Delivering Legal Services Online” 2016

“The Probate Team 2015” (Sokoloff) 2015

“2014 Survey of Florida Law” (Weinstein) 2015

“Stark Facts About Physician Self-Referral Issues” (Weinstein) 2015

“Rule 3.220 & Brady-Giglio Obligations” (Weinstein) 2015

“Building Business in a Down Economy” (Sokoloff) 2015

“A Transforming Legal Environment: Setting a New Course” 2015

“New Rule 2.526 Digital Accessibility of Documents” (Sokoloff) 2015

“Working in the Cloud” 2015

“FLN Monthly Chapter Meetings” (Sokoloff) 2015

“FL Residency – How You Know You Have It” 2015

“Professional Liability Insurance” (Sokoloff) 2014

“Risk Management” (Sokoloff) 2014

“If You’re Not on FB, You’re Committing Malpractice” 2014

“The “Cargo Cult” of Legal Marketing Regulation” 2014

“Social Media Marketing 101: How to Use Facebook” 2014

“Blogging for Lawyer: Legal & Ethical” 2014

“Someone Online Hates You: Ethical Approaches” 2014

“Current Issues in Legal Ethics” (Sokoloff) 2014

“Blogging for Lawyers: Legal & Ethical” 2014

“Someone Online Hates You: Ethical Approaches” 2014

“Current Issues in Legal Ethics” 2014

“New Advertising Rules” 2013

“Technology Planning” (Weinstein) 2012

“ABCs of Starting and Managing” (Weinstein) 2012

“Foreclosure Litigation” (Weinstein) 2012

“New Rule 2.526 Digitic Ac.” (Weinstein) 2012

“Lawyer as Employer” (Weinstein) 2012

“Professional Liability Insurance” (Weinstein) 2012

“Financial Mangement” (Weinstein) 2012

“Risk Management” (Weinstein) 2012

“Developing a Business Plan” (Weinstein) 2012

“Building Business in a Down Economy” (Weinstein) 2012

“Florida Bar Discipline System” (Weinstein) 2012

“ADA How to Protect Your Business” (Weinstein) 2012

“Maintaining a Trustworthy Trust Account” 2012

“Building the Small Firm” 2012

“Technology & The Law” (Sokoloff)  2011

“Initial Westlaw Research” 2009

“Advising The Purchaser” 2009
“Managing Your Practice” 2009
“Ethics:Useful Suggestions” 2009
“Individual Course Credit” 2008
“The 15 Minute Seminar” 2007
“Life After P.I.P.” (Sokoloff) 2007
“Forensic Analysis of Low Speed Collisions” 2007
“Symposium For Professionals” 2006
“Employment Law For Lawyers” 2006
“Understanding Insurance” 2006

“Masters in Trial-Trial Demonstration in a Personal Injury Case from Opening Statements to Jury Deliberations” (Weinstein) 2006

“Medical School for Attorneys” (Weinstein) 2006

“Estate Planning for Owners of Closely Held Businesses (Sokoloff) 2005

“Orthopedic Testing” (Sokoloff) 2005

“Rainmaker University” (Sokoloff) 2005

“Tax Entity For a Business” 2005

“Ethics in Trusts and Estates” 2005

“2005 Collateral Source Seminar” (Sokoloff) 2005

“Taking and Defending Depositions of Lawyers” (Sokoloff) 2004

“So, What’s New in Ethics?” 2004

“Ethics of Prepaid Legal” 2003

“Your First Civil Trial in Florida” 2003

“Probate Code Revisions” (Sokoloff) 2002

“Fine Art of Jury Selection” 2002

“Brain Death-Neurology Associates Group” 2002

“How to Grow Your Pracice” 2002

“Changing the ABA Model Rules on Ethics: an Update (Teleconference)” 2001

“The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001—Estate

Planning Seminar” 2001

“Traumatic Injuries to the Lower Extremities” 2001

“Effective Medical Testing” 2000

“Injuries of the Lower Extremities (Foot and Ankle)” 2000

“Practical Legal Ethics of Florida” (Sokoloff) 1999

“How To Avoid Disciplinary Complaints” (Weinstein) 1999

“Fees (Made) Simple: Absolutely” (Weinstein) 1999

“Electromyography (EMG) An Assessment of Traumatic Nerve Injuries” 1999

“Traumatic Injuries to the Lower Extremity and Their Long Term Sequelae” 1999

“Post Traumatic Headaches: Understanding Permanency & Impairment” 1999

“The Cutting Edge: Risk Management for Attorneys” 1998

“How a Defense Attorney Thinks” 1998

“Airbags: Friend or Foe? 1998

“Whiplash: It is not just a pain in the neck” 1998

“Strategic Estate and Tax Planning” 1998

“Traumatic Injuries to the Knee & Shoulder” 1998

“Traumatic Injuries – TMJ” 1997

“MRI Spinal Trauma” 1997

“Negative Neuro Findings” 1997

“D.C. Rules & Practice” (Sokoloff) 1996

“Estate & Tax Planning Seminar” 1996

“Immigration Law Essentials”  1995

“Family Limited Partnerships in Florida” (Weinstein)  1995

“Effective Discovery Procedures in Florida” 1995

THE MASTERS IN TRIAL:”  Trial Demonstration in an Automobile Intersection Collision Case – from Opening Statements to Jury Deliberations 1995

“Trying the Soft Tissue Injury Case in Florida”  1994

Town Hall Conf. for Solo & Small Firm Practitioners 1994

The Florida Bar’s Bridge the Gap Seminar 1993

Referral Memberships

Referral List of The Florida Bar

Hyatt Legal Service Plan

ARAG Group formerly known as Midwest Legal Services, Inc.

Legal services plan of Glantz & Glantz, P.A.

American Postal Workers Union (A.P.W.U.) Legal Service Plan

Florida Lawyers Legal Insurance Corp. (FLLIC)

Participating Attorney Providers with ‘Legal Zoom’ (

Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.


Ceridian Legal Plan

Personal Legal Plan-New York State United Teachers and Public Employees Federation

Legal Wise Legal Service Plan (now merged with the ARAG Group)

Palm Beach County Legal Aid Society’s 3 Atty. Referral List and Pro Bono Attorneys

Republic Security Bank-Lectures/Workshops/Seminars in West Palm Beach

Barnett Bank Trust Company (now known as Bank of America)

Lectures/Workshops/Seminars in Royal Palm Beach.

Merrill Lynch Trust Company-Lectures/Workshops/Seminars in West Palm Beach.

First Union Trust Company (now known as Wachovia Bank)

Lectures/Workshops/Seminars in Royal Palm Beach

The Mother’s Connection-Lectures/Workshops/Seminars in

Estate Planning: Palm Beach Gardens (Weinstein)

National Kidney Foundation-West Palm Beach Chapter (Sokoloff)

Lecture on Living Wills and Health Care Durable Powers of Attorney


French (Weinstein), Spanish (Sokoloff) & Hungarian (Sokoloff).

Areas of Practice

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death, including:

* Wrongful Death

* Automobile Collisions

* Trip and Falls

* Nursing Home Negligence

* Professional Negligence

*Workers Compensation/On the Job Injuries (Handled by and through local ‘AV’ rated Plaintiff’s Worker’s Compensation affiliated firm)

*Products Liability

*Asbestos/Mesotheilioma Cases via affiliation with counsel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Civil Litigation-Personal Injury (in conjunction with ‘Of Counsel’-Brian F. LaBovick, Esq)

Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning (non-taxable estates) & Probate

Corporate and Business Law

Real Estate Transactional Work (Closings: Commercial, Residential and Business)

Professional Collections.

(Practicing Since 1993)