If you are a resident of Vero Beach who has suffered an injury in a car accident or while at work, you may need a personal injury lawyer to help you claim compensation and to cover the medical bills and other costs you are accruing. 

How to choose the right personal injury lawyer

When looking for a personal injury lawyer in Vero Beach, there are several questions you will be asking yourself. Foremost among these will likely be the question of cost. Surely, you might say, lawyers cost money – how am I going to afford that? 

Well, the answer to that question is an important criterion in your search for a lawyer. Look for a ‘no-win, no-fee’ lawyer. This is called a ‘contingency fee’ arrangement. Yes, lawyers must make their living and charge their fees, but that should not be your first concern if the matter is going to be held on a contingency fee basis. You should first consider what you stand to gain if you win your case. A no-win, no-fee lawyer will not charge any fees until your case is successfully concluded. That means no payments upfront, and when your case is closed, your lawyer will take their fee as a percentage from the sum that is awarded to you. It also means that, if you do not win the case, if you retained a lawyer on a contingency fee basis, the lawyer charges absolutely nothing. 

Sokoloff & Weinstein is a firm that with regards to personal injury cases, handles them on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis as personal injury lawyers in Vero Beach. Even better, if you need representation in your personal injury case, book a FREE consultation with us today.