$275,000 – SETTLED: neglect/wrongful death – An elderly woman in a nursing home

An elderly woman in a nursing home mistakenly swallowed some liquid hand soap, which had been negligently placed at her bedside by the nurses. The soap aspirated into the woman’s lungs and she ultimately died several months later. The nursing home argued that her death was not related to the hand-soap incident, but rather due to pneumonia and general old age. Mr. Buky and Mr. Weinstein were able to persuade the insurance adjuster for the nursing home to pay $275,000 at mediation to the woman’s surviving adult children.

What sort of situations might merit a Florida wrongful death lawsuit?

Attorney Elliot Sokoloff explains what sort of situations might merit a Florida wrongful death case.

Video Transcript

Wrongful death lawsuits arise from an accident where someone dies. How does that accident happen? Well, it could be a car accident where someone actually dies from their injuries. It could be a medical malpractice case where someone dies from the surgery that they obtain. It could also be from exposure to asbestos where someone has a slow death over a long period of time. All those involve the ultimate death of an individual and those times actually have to be acted upon immediately. The statute of limitations is about half the time of a normal negligence case, so if you know that someone has died you need to speak with an attorney immediately.