Navigating the legal system after a personal injury can be challenging and overwhelming. You can better understand what to anticipate and how to prosecute/pursue your rights by knowing the steps involved in a personal injury claim. 

At Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A, we are dedicated to helping people in Florida with their personal injury cases. To assist you in navigating this process successfully, our skilled personal injury attorneys in Florida have detailed the essential procedures involved in filing a personal injury claim.

Before meeting with an attorney, immediately following an incident, perhaps while waiting for medical attention, document what happened. For example, that means taking photos and videos. Most people have smartphones and can easily accomplish this by simply taking out their phones. Also, it is a good idea to gather as much information as you can: document names, contact information, insurance company information, vehicle information if applicable, etc. so when you do meet with an attorney, you have set up the basis of your meeting and hopefully established information that can be used in your favor.

Assessment of Injuries

Assessing the severity and impact of your injuries is the first stage in a personal injury claim. It’s critical after a crash or incident for you to get medical help immediately for your health and to record your injuries as proof. Establishing the connection between the event and your injuries depends heavily on medical records, including diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis information. Your physical injuries should be appropriately diagnosed and treated by a healthcare expert.


The next step after receiving medical attention is to thoroughly investigate the accident or situation. To do this, evidence must be gathered, witnesses can be interviewed, and any available paperwork, such as accident/crash reports or pictures should be obtained and thereafter, should be reviewed. This inquiry will be handled by a skilled personal injury attorney or investigator in Florida who will use their skills and connections to create a compelling argument on your side. They will put in a lot of effort to determine who is accountable and the other parties who might be at fault.

Demand Package

Your personal injury attorney will create a demand package once the investigation is over and culpability has been established. The specifics of your claim will be described in this  demand package, including the kind and scope of your injuries, how they affected your day-to-day life, and the damages you hope to recoup. It also contains corroborating information such as medical records, bills, and proof of missed pay. The demand package, which functions as a formal request for reimbursement, is often delivered to the insurance provider for the party to blame and offers them a time limit opportunity to review the materials to hopefully make an offer of settlement.


After receiving the demand package, the insurance company will examine the claim and make a settlement offer in response. For fair and just compensation, depending on the circumstances, often your personal injury attorney will negotiate with the insurance provider on your behalf. To seek the most compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages, they will use their expertise in personal injury law, the strength of your case, and their negotiating abilities. Your attorney will keep you updated on the situation and offer advice regarding any settlement proposals.


Your personal injury claim may be settled out of court if a reasonable settlement can be agreed upon during talks. You and your attorney will examine the settlement offer to see whether it appropriately compensates for your losses and injuries. If the matter can be resolved, you’ll get the agreed-upon payment if you accept the settlement. However, your attorney will advise you on the following steps, and if a settlement cannot be reached, may involve filing a lawsuit and going to trial if a reasonable settlement cannot be achieved.

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

It can be challenging to navigate the personal injury claims process, especially when dealing with insurance companies and complex legal issues. For the protection of your rights and to ensure that you obtain just compensation, you should hire a personal injury attorney in Florida. Your claim will be handled by an experienced attorney in all respects, including the investigation, negotiation, and, if required, litigation. They will offer professional advice, safeguard your interests, and fight for the just compensation you are due.

Our team of skilled personal injury attorneys at Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A. is committed to assisting people in Florida with navigating the personal injury claims process. We provide personalized service to each client and are aware of the unique difficulties posed by individual injury cases. If you choose our services, you can rest secure knowing that your case will be handled with care and skill.