FL HB 837 was recently passed into law by Florida Governor DeSantis, which is a big change for the legal system. For example, this new legislation has reduced the statute of limitations for most negligence claims from four years to just two years. This shift has broad repercussions for anyone seeking legal redress in cases involving car accidents, slip/trip/fall accidents, and other personal injury claims. Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A. is an established law firm with experience in wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits and is qualified to assist clients with these challenging legal issues. Speaking with skilled attorneys who can defend your rights and obtain just compensation if a personal injury incident has harmed you or someone you know is imperative.

Understanding FL HB 837

The passage of FL HB 837, a law in March 2023, marked a significant change in Florida’s legal system. For example, while there are MANY changes, one such change is that the prior statute gave people up to four years after an incident that injured them to launch a negligence case. With the passage of FL HB 837, this period has been shortened to two years. This calls for those injured due to someone else’s carelessness to take immediate action to safeguard their legal rights.

Resulting Effects on Personal Injury Cases

Florida’s lowered statute of limitations on negligence cases has significant consequences for those seeking legal redress. It makes it more urgent for victims to file lawsuits immediately and gather proof to support their claims. The new 2-year deadline might result in the loss of the ability to file a lawsuit and pursue compensation for injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages if the matter is not timely filed or a settlement is not reached earlier on.

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