For a 62-year-old-married man who was struck from the rear passenger side by a pest control truck versus car collision on March 11th, 2021, in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Most notably, as a result of the subject collision, our client sustained two non-consecutive level cervical disc herniations, a bulging lumbar disc, as well as a right knee injury. While the MRI documented cervical disc hernations were the most severe of his injuries and involved most of his medical and surgical treatment thereafter, our client did have pre-existing medical conditions.

On July 30th, 2021, our client underwent two non-consecutive level cervical disc decompression and replacement surgery with instrumentation. Such surgery was highly successful in relieving our client’s pain, further symptomatology and deficiency(ies) from the subject collision permitting him to return to work and get on with his life.

After sending in a comprehensive 32-page demand package to the insurer for the pest-control company whose driver/vehicle caused the subject collision, along with many supplements thereto, and after months of productive two-sided negotiation, eventually, in early December 2021, a successful settlement of $275,500.00 was reached with the insurer for the at-fault corporate vehicle owner, only nine months post-collision.

While there was an additional month of negotiation towards reduction(s) of medical, diagnostic and surgical related billing, health insurance lien(s), and the like, post-settlement, such was a very satisfactory result under all of the circumstances.