Whether or not your claim gets settled may depend entirely on the process which is followed. By making use of a local personal injury attorney that has adequate experience in the field, you, as the client, can better succeed in your lawsuit. 

Your attorney should be able to assist you with any relevant questions, but these are some of the common questions relating to personal injury settlements, answered to give you some prior knowledge. The three most common questions you may have on personal injury settlements are answered here.

1. What must be done before I get the money that is due to me from the settlement?

The insurance company will require that you and perhaps your spouse sign a release, which is a document that settles your claim. The release will read that you are forever giving up your right to sue the person, persons or company who was responsible for your injuries. In exchange for the release, you will receive a sum of money once the insurance company receives the release. 

After that, any medical bills that have yet to be paid must be paid, and you (or your attorney acting on your behalf) may also be required to reimburse an insurance company that has covered any medical bills. Lastly, your lawyer will deduct any necessary fees such as attorney fees, out-of-pocket expenses, and any other costs associated with the claim. After the necessary deductions are made, and obligations are paid, you will receive the net balance through means of a check given from your attorney’s office. 

2. What aspects would cause my case to go to litigation? 

There are various reasons why a case does not settle, which include:

  • The insurance company thinks you and your lawyer have asked for more money than what they are willing to pay for the claim.
  • The liability is being denied by the insurance company, or they believe that you and/or another party are partially or wholly responsible for some or all your injuries.
  • The insurance company does not believe you were injured, the injuries being claimed were not causally related to the incident being claimed or that you were not injured as seriously as you had claimed. 

3. Should I get professional legal assistance with my injury case?

Accident and injury lawsuits are complex because they require medical evidence, expert testimony, and extensive knowledge of negligence law. It is important to find a skilled personal injury attorney in your area to make sure that your case is as strong and well-prepared as possible.

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