For a then 19 year-old-single college student at the University of Florida, who was involved in a front-end collision on November 25th, 2017 in Palm Beach County, Florida.

In November 2017, while home for a Thanksgiving break from College, our client was a seat-belted driver involved in a front end collision where the other vehicle failed to yield right of way by making a left hand turn in front of his vehicle, totaling the vehicle with the airbag deployed.

Post-collision, our client had pain in the dorsal aspect of his right wrist. All conservative therapies, such as medications, physical therapy, occupational therapy, injection therapy, etc., failed to remedy his wrist pain. His attending orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Marvin Kohn, of the Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County ordered diagnostic studies including an MRI and CT scan, which were positive for a post-traumatic dorsal ganglion cyst and synovitis of the fourth dorsal compartment of his right wrist.

Such injuries sustained by our client (i.e. – a ganglion cyst) are typically not ones that are seen post-collision, but are usually more indicative of a repetitive motion type injury, therefore, it was anticipated that there would be an uphill battle regarding pre-suit negotiation of this claim.

Dr. Marvin Kohn recommended and our client underwent in March 2019 a tenosynovectomy of the fourth dorsal compartment and excision of a right dorsal wrist ganglion.

After preparing a lengthy demand along with supporting materials regarding our client’s surgical treatment as well as several supplements to same, in June 2019, Seth T. Weinstein, Esq., was able to garner a $65,000.00 pre-suit settlement with the insurer for the at-fault driver/vehicle owner.