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The information provided in this website involves specific factual personal injury cases. The facts of your case may be different. This firm may not have the same results in your place as those found here. 

Some Car Accident Settlements and Case Results

The following is only a small selection of some of the example cases we have handled for our clients. For some insight into our personal injury work with ‘Of Counsel’ attorney Stanley Buky, please see Stan’s page.

  1. A 76 year old retired man was hit by an oncoming car on Indiantown Road when entering a crosswalk. The officer believed that the vehicle was traveling approximately 12 mph at the point of impact. The client suffered internal post-traumatic changes of the right and left lateral proximal thigh, 5th finger distal phalanx fracture, blood transfusion secondary to the internal bleeding precipitated by the collision, ecchymosis requiring repeated surgical aspiration, one surgery for the right hip contusion with retroperitoneal bleeding, another surgery for the right buttock contusion with retroperitoneal bleeding, contusions, hematomas, two episodes of syncope secondary to hypotensive septic shock from urinary infection which led to a heart attack necessitating cardiac catheterization. The case settled for the $150,000.00 the total policy limits from all available insurance.
  2. A 68 year old retired man was involved in a moderate impact auto collision in Palm Beach County resulting in a T-bone type collision. The client underwent three surgical procedures:  left shoulder arthoscopy, torn rotator cuff repair and bicepts tenodesis with a resulting in a minimal 3% whole body impairment. A $100,000.00 pre-suit settlement was accepted by the client.
  3. A 53 year old CPA was involved in a rear end auto collision in Lake Worth. MRI studies revealed disc herniations in the cervical and lumbar spine. Client underwent epidural injections into the lumbar and cervical spine. Cervical and lumbar surgery was recommended but never undergone. $125,000.00 was paid (100K from BI insurer & 25K from the UIM coverage) during mediation.
  4. A 45 year old female home-maker was involved in a collision with a School District vehicle that was following too closely. As a result, the client underwent pre-operative epidural injections an anterior cervical micro-discectomy (ACD) as well as a series of three post-surgical facet block injections with fluoroscopy. The client was given a permanent disability rating and prior to the need for filing, $100,000.00 was paid by Palm Beach County School Board per Florida Statue 768.28(5)—-which was the maximum cap allowable at that time.
  5. A female realtor involved in a rear-end automobile collision. As a result of the injuries, client underwent knee surgery (total knee replacement) with a permanent disability rating. Although amicable resolution was explored, suit had to be filed but eventually during mediation, a collective settlement of $345,000.00 was globally obtained among the several defendants.
  6. In a medical negligence matter in North Florida, a facility had administered a doctor’s respiratory script incorrectly and as a result, a patient with COPD had her lung blown-out, suffered cardiac arrest and eventually died. The husband of the deceased retained the services of Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A. and in pre-suit mediation, the case resolved $450,000.00.

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