Motorcycles are both a beloved pastime and a trusted means of getting from A to B. They also come with a high degree of risk compared to other forms of transport, and motorcycle injuries are extremely common. While only 20% of accidents involving passenger vehicles result in injuries, an astonishing 80% of motorcycle accidents involve injury and lead to personal injury claims.

The five most common motorcycle injuries

Motorcycle accidents in Vero Beach can lead to all kinds of injuries, and injury claims can vary broadly as a result. The injuries range from mild to severe (even death) and include the following:

  1. Leg injuries: It is very common for the legs to sustain all kinds of injuries during motorcycle accidents, ranging from scratches and grazes to broken bones. Some of these injuries could lead to long-term disability if they are severe enough and are not treated properly or timely.
  2. Road rash: Most motorcycle accidents will involve the rider being thrown off the bike and sliding across the road or pavement. This can lead to layers of skin being removed, perhaps even exposing the muscle in severe cases. While protective gear can help you guard against such injuries, they may not prevent them completely.
  3. Muscle damage: Severe muscle damage is all too common with motorcycle injuries, and these can lead to long-term disability. Again, protective gear is absolutely essential to prevent such injuries.
  4. Biker’s Arm: The condition known as Biker’s Arm occurs when a rider tries to protect him or herself against impact. This is an instinctive action, usually involving cradling oneself or reaching out to “fend off” the surface one is being thrown against. These actions often result in damage to the nerves and bones in the hands and arms.
  5. Head and neck injuries: The biggest risks arise from the prospect of head and neck injuries, ranging from concussions to fractures. These injuries can be fatal. Helmets drastically reduce the risks involved with these kinds of injuries. The irony is that in Florida, if you meet certain basic health insurance requirements, you may be exempt from having to wear a helmet in this State making the likelihood of head trauma that much more of a reality.

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