It is not always necessary to get a lawyer involved in a worker’s compensation case. In many situations, worker’s comp claims proceed without a hitch. This is particularly the case when the injuries are minor, if the employee hasn’t missed much work, and if the employer acknowledges the incident and offers no resistance to the claim. 

In other cases, it becomes essential to call upon a personal injury lawyer to resolve your worker’s compensation case. You may wonder what a lawyer can do for you when you are struggling with a worker’s compensation case. There are two primary services that a lawyer can offer to help you secure your claim.

What a lawyer does to conclude a worker’s compensation case 

If you find yourself encountering resistance from either your employer or your insurance company, then a worker’s compensation lawyer may be able to help by negotiating on your behalf, and by representing you advocating for your rights during hearings. 

Worker’s compensation insurance companies, by nature of the business, saving their companies as much money as possible, will normally take whatever measures they can to deny a claim or pay out less than you ask for. It makes financial sense for them to do so. You are not always in a strong position to argue your case and demand what is due to you. Your lawyer can step in and take over the negotiations on your behalf. Likewise, the insurance company’s lawyers will try to minimize the insurance company payment amount and try to pressure you into accepting their settlement. Since your lawyer speaks their language, they can have them fight for the settlement you deserve. 

In those cases when a worker’s compensation case goes to court, the claimant will need a lawyer to represent them. With a thorough understanding of worker’s compensation law, as well as developed skills of negotiation and argumentation, the lawyer will present your case at the hearing and offer counterarguments to the insurance’s company’s lawyers.

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