Although you may think of Vero Beach as a haven’ from the horrors and inconveniences of road accidents, these things do happen; and they are happening more often than you realize. This means that wherever you are, victims of trucking accidents are eligible for compensation. Medical bills can be exorbitant, and other damages may run into massive amounts.

Seek Professional Help

The best thing you can do if you have been involved in a truck accident is to hire a truck accident lawyer to guide you through the complicated routes of insurance companies, defendants, medical billand laws. Trying to navigate this complex problem alone is never a good idea and seldom results in fair compensation. 

Identify the Defendants

You might not realize, but there could be several defendants in a truck accident case. Some are easy to identify (e.g., driver, the trucking or leasing company itself), while others require more thorough investigation. A trucking accident attorney will have the resources to investigate possible manufacturer faults and flaws or problems caused by incorrect loading of the truck, for example.

Don’t Compromise the Evidence

The law often requires truck drivers and trucking companies to document and preserve records of driver qualifications and activities, truck maintenance, and other vital information. These records (which may only kept for limited periods of time, i.e., six months), with physical evidence from the scene will be crucial in your successful injury claim. 

If a state or federal agency investigated the accident, their evidence may help the case too. 

Investigate What Happened Prior to the Incident 

Often, truck drivers are compelled to meet deadlines and drive without sufficient rest, causing driver fatigue. Perhaps the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Perhaps the truck had not been properly maintained. These are factors which need to be considered in the case. 

A truck accident injury claim is not as simple as you may think. Speak to an attorney who is experienced in these matters. Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A., Attorneys at Law is a well-established firm of West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys. If you think you need to pursue trucking accident litigation, contact us, and book a free consultation without delay.