If you have been injured while on duty, working or on public or private property in Florida, our Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorneys have years of experience in personal injury and worker’s compensation claims.

It goes without saying that if you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, you will likely want to claim and be compensated for the medical bills, possible loss of income and any additional expenses to cover damage of your person and even personal property.

Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when filing for personal injury compensation claims 

  1. Resist speaking to everyone and anyone
    Make sure that your first point of contact, after being seen to by a doctor for your injury, is your personal injury lawyer. Talk to no one else about your case. Your lawyer should correctly guide you on how to proceed in moving forward with your case, and who you can discuss your case with and to what extent.
  2. Failing to be honest
    Honesty comes a long way, especially when the law is involved. You will need to provide detailed information to doctors, lawyers, insurance companies and you need to make sure your case is credible. If you fail to be honest, this may very well jeopardize your case.
  3. Withholding information about pre-existing conditions
    Make sure you are open with your lawyer about any pre-existing conditions, no matter how long ago you suffered from an accident or incident and inform your lawyer immediately  if you had any symptoms.. If this information surfaces in your case at a later stage, this can cause unnecessary complications for your lawyer and your case.
  4. Discontinuing medical treatment
    Do not discontinue your medical treatment unless you have been advised to do so by your doctor. Insurance companies will investigate and might argue that you have fully recovered from your accident and were not hurt as badly as you initially claimed.

There are plenty more mistakes that can be attributed to you, risking your claim for compensation. Play it safe, contact a Palm Beach personal injury attorney for more information today.