Each car accident case is unique. However, any car accident lawyer in Vero Beach, who has sufficient experience with pain and suffering claims, will be able to tell you that most cases settle on an amount that is relatively close to the average for the state of Florida. Knowing this average will help you to know what to expect as you pursue your car accident claim. With that in mind, here is what you need to know about pay-out averages for car accidents in Florida.

Florida’s average pay-outs across all car accident claims

Florida’s average settlement values differ depending on many factors including the circumstances of the accident, the injuries sustained, treatment undergone, medical billing accumulated and available insurance just to name a few. Typically, for severe injuries, the average will likely be higher. This represents the kind of pay-out you can expect across all types of accidents and all severities of injuries. 

Average pay-outs for pain and suffering

Putting a value on pain and suffering can be difficult as there are no hard costs on which to base the evaluation. A pain and suffering claim needs to be proportional to the severity of the accident. The law presumes that someone with severe injuries will have more pain and suffering than someone with less severe ones. The more you can substantiate your claim for pain and suffering with expert testimony and documentation, the stronger your claim will be.

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