As per local state law, any business registered in the United States with active employees may be required to obtain workers’ compensation coverage from an insurance provider. This requirement is dependent on the state in which the business operates from and the number of employees hired. This type of insurance covers any expenses that may arise because of a workplace injury. These expenses include medical-related costs, lost wages, fees concerning rehabilitation, and disability payments. 

Each state has its own workers’ compensation laws that dictate in which situations workers’ compensation is available, the various worker benefits, and how long benefits can be accessed following a workplace injury. 

What is worker’s compensation law in Florida? 

According to the workers’ compensation law in Florida, as a general rule of thumb, business owners who employ four or more workers need to invest in workers’ compensation insurance. An exception to this law is relating to businesses operating within the construction industry. Since this industry sees a significant majority of workplace accidents and injuries, these businesses are typically required to have coverage for every worker employed. 

When can an injured employee file a lawsuit? 

An employee hurt on the job has the option to file a lawsuit involving their worker’s compensation benefits when that employee feels that he/she is not getting the benefits or medical treatment they deserve from worker’s compensation. However, employers are protected from an employee’s legal actions outside of worker’s compensation (i.e.-in negligence) in almost all situations. The only time that a lawsuit outside of worker’s compensation can be filed is if the worker feels he or she was intentionally injured by his or her employer or a colleague. Other exceptions can include injuries caused by exposure to toxic chemicals and substances or defective products or equipment. Additionally, there are strict time restrictions on how often you need to seek treatment through a worker’s compensation physician and a relatively short time period to file a lawsuit.

Looking for workman’s compensation lawyers? 

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