A 76 year old retired man was hit by an oncoming car on Indiantown Road when entering a crosswalk. The officer believed that the vehicle was traveling approximately 12 mph at the point of impact. The client suffered internal post-traumatic changes of the right and left lateral proximal thigh, 5thÿfinger distal phalanx fracture, blood transfusion secondary to the internal bleeding precipitated by the collision, ecchymosis requiring repeated surgical aspiration, one surgery for the right hip contusion with retroperitoneal bleeding, another surgery for the right buttock contusion with retroperitoneal bleeding, contusions, hematomas, two episodes of syncope secondary to hypotensive septic shock from urinary infection which led to aÿheart attackÿnecessitating cardiac catheterization. The case settled for the $150,000.00 the total policy limits from all available insurance.