Medical professionals will not wait for payment until after your case is settled. Have your own auto insurance carrier pay as many hospital and doctor bills under the medical payment provisions of your policy as possible. Typically, in Florida, those would be paid by your mandatory No Fault benefits called Personal Injury Protection (a/k/a PIP). You may have also elected to buy optional Medical Payment coverage (MedPay) from your own company that would cover the 20% typically not covered and 100% up to the amount of your coverage purchased. You must exhaust these benefits before you can have health insurance kick in. Thereafter, typically, you can have your hospitalization insurance, such as Blue Cross & Blue Shield, pay as much on your bills as possible. Thereafter, you can pay the shortfall balances as soon as possible to avoid credit issues. Otherwise, you also sometimes have the option to have your attorney write a letter of protection or a lien against your potential settlement or award. Initially, discuss with your Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A. attorney whether your copayments can be a component of the car accident settlement agreement.