Florida’s no-fault car insurance laws feel at odds with the idyllic atmospheres of the Village of Royal Palm Beach and the City of Vero Beach. However, car accident law considers one driver may often be more to blame than the other in a motor vehicle accident. According to the state insurance laws, the term “no-fault” means that an insurer is expected to pay for all costs – regardless of who is at fault.

How no-fault car insurance works 

Since about the inception of car insurance, people have been able to choose their preferred method of compensation after an accident. Drivers could:

  •       File a claim with their insurance provider.
  •       File a claim against the other driver’s insurance providers.
  •       Sue an at-fault driver for the damages caused (or do nothing!).

Since potential damages in a lawsuit are far higher than most insurance limits, lawmakers in Florida have adopted the no-fault system as a method of immediately providing limited compensation to the victims of car accidents theoretically without the stress of a lawsuit.  By each driver recouping his/her crash expenses from his insurer, specifically, medical bills, a portion of lost wages, a death benefit and even mileage reimbursement, victims of car accidents can get the necessary payments more promptly and efficiently than if they had filed a suit. To ensure that the system works well, all drivers are expected to purchase these minimal insurance coverages for personal injury protection, often referred to as PIP. In the event of being the victim in a car accident, he or she is guaranteed payment for medical treatment, death benefits, and more.

Exceptions to no-fault car insurance 

The no-fault insurance system may reduce the total number of personal injury lawsuits, however, there are several cases where a victim’s insurance won’t be enough to cover the full payment of his or her injuries and damages. Drivers need to understand their exceptions and limitations to insurance laws to get the best outcome for their injuries…especially with regards to liability coverage. Should your insurer fail to provide you with the necessary payment, or your damages exceed the minimal coverage of insurance provided under Florida No-Fault law, a good car accident attorney like Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A., Attorneys at Law will fight the fight for you.

The rules of Florida’s no-fault insurance system are not all inclusive and are just one of the many avenues of recovery especially if the accident:

  •       Caused permanent injuries.
  •       Involved an uninsured driver.
  •       Happened out of state (where there may not be a No-Fault Law).

So, regardless of whether you are collecting No Fault benefits for your car accident, there may be more for you.

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