Have you been a victim of personal injury on the job? If you have a workers’ compensation claim or suspect you do, it is important that you understand when to hire a workers’ compensation attorney.

The best time to engage with a workers’ compensation law firm is immediately after your work-related injury. However, it is recommended that before doing anything related to getting your workers’ compensation, you first seek medical help followed by legal help soon thereafter.

Workers compensation settlements Florida 

In Florida, including Palm Beach County and Indian River County, a workers’ compensation claim can be filed for almost any work-related injury typically causing physical bodily injury such as:

  •         Slip and falls.
  •         Heavy lifting injuries.
  •         Strain injuries.
  •         Injuries caused by malfunctioning equipment.

When you should notify your employer 

Once you have had medical attention, you need to immediately notify your employer about your injury. You then will likely need to see a physician who is a covered provider under Florida’s worker’s compensation list. After giving notice to your employer, generally speaking, a case has to be filed within (A) two years from the date of injury, or (B) after the initial two years, within one year of the last payment of compensation or within one year of the last provision of authorized medical treatment or care. If you fail to do this within the time frame, it can result in you forfeiting your claim.

Is a workers’ compensation lawyer necessary? 

Consulting reliable and experienced attorneys like Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A. to handle your claim makes sense. Having a law firm on your side will be the most effective way to guide you in getting your deserved benefits, depending on your injury. There are certain situations and periods of time during your workers’ compensation claim that you need to remain in close contact with your lawyer.

Instances where you may not require a lawyer for workers’ compensation 

Sometimes our emotions may get the better of us and we feel having legal representation is the only way to go. Keep in mind, though, that there are some situations that do not require representation by an attorney, generally speaking:

  •         Suffered a ‘mental’ injury involving no physical impact.
  •         You were NOT working on the job at the time of loss.
  •         Your employer acknowledges your injury and agrees to cover medical bills and you are scared of losing your job

When it comes to an injury on duty, every second counts! Putting off a claim prevents you from getting the benefits you deserve. Contact Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A. Attorneys at Law, experienced personal injury lawyers near me in Royal Palm Beach and Vero Beach.