Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience. A wrongful death lawsuit in Florida may be brought to court if negligence or wrongful act or omission from one party causes the death of another person or persons. According to Florida Statutes section 768.19, the estate or surviving family of the deceased person may file a lawsuit in Florida’s courts, on behalf of the decedent.  Our team of attorneys aims to help families get their deserved maximum compensation under this law. We know that the impact of losing a loved one reaches further than the fact  that your loved one is no longer alive.

Where can wrongful death cases arise from? 

Wrongful death cases can arise from many different situations, including:

  •         Death caused by product defects
  •         Motor vehicle accidents
  •         Bicycle accidents
  •         Boating accidents
  •         Airplane accidents
  •         Medical malpractice
  •         Death caused by dangerous property conditions

At Sokoloff and Weinstein, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we understand that the hardship of suddenly losing a loved one is to say the least not easy, and appreciate that no amount of money can make up the hurt. However, filing for compensation and hiring a professional wrongful death lawyer can help ease the financial burdens that come with such an unexpected loss.

These burdens may include medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of financial support, loss of parental trainings, as well as any other financial and even emotional consequences that resulted from the wrongful death.

Who is entitled to wrongful death benefits? 

Florida’s Wrongful Death Act clearly states that individuals may be entitled to bring a claim if they are related to the decedent in any one of the following ways:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Blood relatives
  • Adopted siblings
  • Children born outside of wedlock of a mother.
  • Children born outside of wedlock of a father, if the father can prove he has taken the responsibility of supporting the child.

However, there are other limitations such as the age of the children at time of death, dependency, etc. that should be discussed specifically with your attorney regarding the specific circumstances to help make that determination.

Also, keep in mind that under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act, the statute of limitation to file a wrongful death lawsuit is only two years. Failure to file within this timeframe may result in your claim being barred altogether possibly waiving valuable rights so time is of the essence.

If you are an unfortunate victim of losing a loved one due to negligence, and you turn out that you are indeed the controlling interested party permitted by Florida law, it may be time to file a wrongful death lawsuit or at least explore pre-suit settlement options.

If you’re ready to consult a Palm Beach County wrongful death attorney, contact Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A., Attorneys at Law – a firm of experienced personal injury lawyers in Royal Palm Beach and Vero Beach.