Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist Insurance & Med. Pay. Benefits

When you need to buy car insurance, what insurance coverage should you purchase to insure your maximum protection?

From a legal standpoint, it is important that you purchase most coverage options offered by your insurance agent, however, two types of coverage are crucial. First, make sure you purchase “BI” or bodily injury protection. This type of coverage will ensure that should you get into a car accident, where   people are injured, these   people can   recover from a “fund”   for their medical expenses. Without this coverage, you expose yourself   to liability and ultimately, you may be personally responsible for their present and future medical expenses. Ultimately, without this coverage, you may suffer serious consequences.

Second, you should make sure that you purchase any “UM” or uninsured motorist coverage.   Uninsured motorist coverage would apply if you would   sustain serious permanent bodily injuries after being hit by another driver who is “uninsured,” “underinsured,” or   a “phantom” vehicle in a hit and run accident.    If you are hit by one of the above mentioned drivers, and you do not possess UM coverage, you, personally may be responsible for most of your medical expenses and/or your passengers’ medical expenses.

Third, since it is so inexpensive typically, Medical Payment (usually called MedPay) coverage acts as a supplement to your State required PIP benefits. In essence by purchasing MedPay coverage, you increase the amount of medical benefits that you can receive and reduce the out-of-pocket obligation you will have following a crash/accident.

In addition, if you have both UM and BI coverages, your insurance company will defend you should you be sued with regards to any claim from a person injured where you may have been at fault.   Legal representation will usually be provided to you by your insurance carrier should someone challenge either of these coverages. Without the coverages, the insurance carrier   may owe   no duty to defend you in a possible legal suit.   The amount of UM and BI insurance and their respective deductibles, if any   may depend upon your individual financial situation.   This is a matter to discuss with your insurance agent.   However, should you be involved in an accident, always seek medical treatment first, contact your insurance carrier next, and finally, to learn the extent of your legal rights, contact your attorney.


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