Although not new, legal insurance plans are gaining acceptance at an ever increasing rate. Legal insurance plans most closely resemble medical HMO’s or PPO’s which have already become common, affordable and cost effective means of obtaining health care. So too has the legal industry been adapting to the ever increasing costs and ever decreasing availability of affordable legal representation and advice. By participating in a legal insurance plan, one can hedge against the inevitable need and costs of legal services.

There are many ways one may become a member of such a plan. Most recently, credit card companies have been offering prepaid legal service plans or variations thereof which control costs of legal matters in wide variety of issues ranging from preventative advice to litigation.

Most of the time, such prepaid legal service plans act as other sorts of insurance policies—to become a member you not only need to qualify (ie: be a credit card customer) with the plan but you also have to pay a premium to receive the benefits. Most of the time, those premiums will be billed on a monthly basis. This information will vary from plan to plan.

However, the most common way to obtain such a legal service plan is directly through your employer. More employers these days are offering membership on such plans as an added bonus for employment or offer it at a group rate to all employees. Other means of obtaining coverage would be through civic and perhaps religious organizations or affiliations.

Affordable legal service is now available at abrogated rates. You may want to contact your employer, a legal service plan directly or attorney participator for more information.

Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A. and its individual attorneys, Elliot J. Sokoloff, Esq., and Seth T. Weinstein, Esq., are participating panel attorneys under many legal insurance plans. Please cross reference our certifications and combined CV for details.


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